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Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April 2018 at Gosport Model Yacht and Boat Club Walpole Lake, Gosport, Hants PO12 1FA

Entry forms and NOR from jacquecook48@icloud.com
Entry fee £10.00
Closing date Wednesday 3rd April 2018
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Flevocup Entry Open

Entry is now open for the Flevocup in May – more information here:



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Provisional 2018 Dates coming together

As usual, dates may be changing as calendars get settled, but it’s looking like we’ve got a lot of sailing to do this year!

Gosport February 10th

Gosport March 10th

Gosport March 31st

Gosport Multihull INTER-NATIONALS April 7/8th

Gosport May 5th

FlevoCup Netherlands May 11th – 13th

Gosport June 2nd Whitaker Cup

Gosport June 16th

Gosport June 30th

Gosport August 25th

Gosport September 8th

Gosport September 22nd

Gosport October 20th

Gosport November 17th

Gosport December 1st Trinity Cup

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More Totally sweet Drone footage

Courtesy of Michael Scharmer over in Germany – looks like he’s got his cat flying pretty nicely.

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Drone Footage from Gosport

Little bit of aerial video from the Gosport Trinity Cup

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Trinity Cup at Gosport MBC

Multihull Racing Saturday 14th October 2017

“And now for something completely different!” The usual whole fleet racing round marks was replaced by the match racing format. It is not new to the multihullers but it is the first time in use this year. Boats raced in pairs with three points for a win, two for a tie, one for second place and a zero if capsized when the opponent finished. Unless I missed something everyone seemed to enjoy the format and the racing.

The wind was south westerly and ranged from light, to light plus a bit, as the day wore on. As a result there were not many opportunities for foils to be effective. Ten boats competed, a mix of cats and tris. A warm welcome to a new skipper Matt Ponsford who joined the fleet sailing one of Mike Cooke’s tris. It very quickly became obvious that he was no beginner as his second place in the results shows!

The multi hull fleet is very competitive and over the racing season skipper’s skills and expertise increases and their knowledge of how to handle their boat improves. We are now towards the end of the season and as a result, racing is often nip and tuck and finishes are very close. However, Mike Cooke was very much on form and with superior boat speed, won every race………

Racing one on one means there are less distractions and enables skippers to concentrate on their opponent and boat speed. There were no capsizes which is a first since I have been organising the racing!

The points for the skippers were close between in third place, Peter Fothergill, fourth place, Mike Dann, and in fifth place, Paul Edwards. Three skippers were jointly placed sixth, Rob Lyne, Simon Walley and Tony Cleal, and in spite of using usual methods there was no way to break the ties! Brian Shell and Bob Walley were not so successful in beating their competitors but Brian in particular made some good starts and Rob, whilst battling to complete tacks, chased his opponents finishing the course which is a rite of passage for multihullers.

Keeping the racing going must, at times, have looked a bit frenetic This was especially so for the finisher because the schedule order was not always followed as it depended on whether both of a pair of boats were on the bank. In just over two hours there were 45 individual races, so really exciting from a spectators point of view and plenty of variety for the skippers.

There was not enough wind to hold a speed run in the afternoon, but on the next windy day it will be a possibility after the racing has finished, so watch this space.
Grateful thanks to Mervyn Cook who as he was hors de combat was inveigled into finishing the races. He did a great job. Thanks also for the assistance with the buoys and the course setting.

A few pictures from the event can be found on the Gosport MBC Facebook Pages

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Gosport Multihulls 10th June

Report from Jacque Cook

The strong winds and rain earlier in the week paid dividends on Saturday as the weed had dropped far enough to enable most multihulls to race without the additional handicap of a natural sea anchor! Although the wind had abated it was still a force to be reckoned with especially as it was gusty and often unpredictable in direction. However, although there were many capsizes, it did not rain!!!!!

Eleven boats entered but only ten raced. Bob Walley took the opportunity to practice as it was the first time with his boat on the water. Confidence and performance clearly increased as the day wore on and hopefully he will be joining in soon. There was little doubt as to the overall winner: Mike Cooke won all but three of the twelve races, generally drawing out his starting lead to finish well ahead of the fleet and staying out of trouble! Two first places were gained by Andy Cleal who had a roller coaster day also achieving a second and two third places but sadly capsizes impacted on his overall position. The other first place was gained by Mike Dann who seemed to take a while to get into gear, tweaked his foils and then did some amazing speeds towards the end of the afternoon!

Paul Edwards sailed consistently well into second place overall with 35 points having got the measure of his lightweight cat. Even though at times, he felt he was under canvassed it paid off in the stronger winds. Both he and Peter Fothergill, who was in third place with four more points, generally kept upright taking advantage of shifts in the wind direction. In fourth and fifth places separated by one point were Mervyn Cook and Mike Dann with 43 and 44 points respectively and Andy Cleal was not far behind them with 52 points. Like Andy, the next three skippers had several races where they did not start or did not finish that they were unable to discard. Simon Walley was seventh with 70 points showing some really good turns of speed but he also fell foul of the wind conditions and capsized several times. Rob Lyne gained a third place in race 9 and a couple of fourths leaving him with 71 points overall. Pete Lawley with his easily spotted two mast-er had some bad luck towards the end of a couple of races where boats behind him sailed past before he could get to the line! Last, but by no means least, Alex Corey had real problems with his boat and sadly, did not manage to finish a race. Hopefully it can be sorted out and ready to show its paces at the next multi event which is scheduled for Saturday the 1st of July.

This was a really enjoyable day’s racing and thank you to Julie Lawley who assisted with start and finishes. As RO I observed that Mike Cooke generally made excellent starts, on the pin and travelling fast, which kept him out of trouble at the first mark……… Would you be interested in some practice starts at about 20 to 10 on the 1st July?

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Shinobi NOW SOLD


Mike Cooke is selling his Shinobi Mini40 – anyone who’s followed the Gosport racing will know this boat is pretty hard to beat.

“Selling my awesome Shinobi Mini 40 Ronin.

Fastest Mini 40 you can get your hands on. All carbon, 2.5 kg all up, 4 PJ rigs, ball raced gooseneck and pretty new RMG winch. Rig box needs finishing.

Will need a transmitter, receiver and battery to get on the water.

£1200. Delivery within 2 hours of Bristol no problem. Postage might be pricey as it doesn’t break down.”

email mike at aardvarkracing.co.uk for more info.



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Gosport Roundup

The first Gosport two day event has now been and gone and with 17 boats entered, including 4 overseas entries, it was a great success. Beautiful sunshine and mostly top suit conditions gave everyone the chance for some great racing.


Christian Englehardt took the win in his MOD40 trimaran, sailing consistently and making few mistakes.

Mike Cooke took second with his Rocket3 tri, after a solid first day he struggled with the lighter airs on the Sunday.

Mike Dann rounded out the top three with his ancient Ghost Train tri, apparently now 20 years old.

Theres loads of photos galleries springing up on the Facebook page so be sure to check them out.

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Gosport 2 Day Event NOR and Entry

The entry forms and notice of race for the Gosport 2 day’er have been finished and can be found here:



We’ve already got several boats booked in from overseas and it is shaping up to be totally ace.

Contact details are in the documents.

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